Access Journal

April 2024: Volume 8, Issue 2
August 2023: Volume 8, Issue 1
May 2022: Volume 7, Issue 1 (25th anniversary print edition)
April 2021: Volume 6 Issue 1

August 2019: Volume 5 Issue 1 (Abstract)
December 2018: Volume 4 Issue 1 (Abstract)
November 2017: Volume 3 Issue 1 (Abstract)
April 2017: Volume 2 Issue 1 (Abstract)
March 2016: Volume 1, Issue 2 (Abstract)
October 2015: Volume 1 Issue 1 (Abstract)



Access Journal Submission Guidelines

Share your research, knowledge, and expertise with other branch campus leaders. In order to expand our research and knowledge on branch campuses, we welcome a variety of both research and practical submissions. You may submit a traditional scholarly research article, literature review, case study, best practices article, or an opinion piece.
  1. Must be in English and follow the style guidelines set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association [APA], Sixth Edition (2009).
  2. Should be a maximum of 7,500 words, not including abstract and references (if applicable); double-spaced (including quotations and references); and any references must be complete and placed at the end.
  3. If a submission substantially cites the work of another author, a signed agreement giving permission to reprint the material from that work’s copyright holder must be included.
One copy should be submitted electronically to as an email attachment in MS Word using the Submission Form provided. Please include the word “Access” in the subject line. Authors should retain a copy of all submissions. If you do not receive a receipt of response to your submission within one week, please check the submission email address and resubmit.